It’s a fitting time to release our episode of the Patriot Crawl with all the disgusting behavior we’re seeing around the country with the new #HashTagChallenge that encourages people to desecrate the American flag.

CC_03But on the flip side we’ve got some good old fashioned patriotism for you in this episode of KrawlZone. Guest host and Viet Nam Vet, Del Albright of Blue Ribbon Coalition fame, takes you along on the inaugural Patriot Crawl during the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah. This years trail was a breathtaking ride along the Cameo Cliffs trail. Once an old mining route, the old road was reopened for public access in the 1990’s and now the trail provides spectacular views and vistas to visitors.

The purpose of the trail run was much more than to enjoy the epic scenery that this area has to offer. We were on the trail with TnT Customs, Superlift Suspensions and Moab Friends for Wheelin’ to give back and say thank you to our veterans. Those veterans who didn’t have their own rig were offered a seat and the run was packed with veteran’s rigs.

CC_08KrawlZone has always been a proud supporter of the United States Armed Forces. Our Producer John Jacobs, is a former Marine who was injured in the service. Even as high school buddies together, both Nathan and John could be seen in the school halls and at dances giving away yellow ribbons and showing support for our service men and women.

We won’t be seen desecrating our beloved national emblem, you’ll see us shamelessly flying old glory for all to see. We thank our veterans, we thank those in the ranks today and we thank the families of our soldiers who support them in their service. And above all we honor those who have made the greatest sacrifice for our freedom.


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