Mr KrawlZone goes wheeling with Rikki Rockett from the band Poison


Rikki05Inside the Poison Spyder compound in Banning California, the KrawlZone team meets famed drummer Rikki Rockett of the 80’s hair band, Poison. Nathan and Brian found Larry and Rikki to be a “Poisonous” combination (pun intended). Larry McRae and his team had just put the final touches on a custom built rig for the 80’s Rock Icon and the Mr. KrawlZone, followed by brother and videographer, Brian, went behind the scenes to see the last touch ups before the awaited unveiling. The Jeep build, dubbed the Rockett Rubicon, was revealed at a house party at the compound where other rigs and companies from the area arrived for food and a concert, where Rikki himself took to the stage with the young band to and excited crowd. But as exciting as the party was, we were there to go wheeling and the time finally came and we tagged along as Larry and Rikki took us out into the local back country for some wheeling and a promo photo shoot. Finally the wait is over. Episode02 of KrawlZone, Rikki and the Rockett Rubicon, has been released and is now online. Come along with us behind the sceneswhere the KrawlZone team bings you up close and personal for the unveiling of  the Rockett Rubicon, put together by Poison Spyder Customs for Rikki Rockett, drummer for the band Poison. We hope you enjoy and will spread the Word of KrawlZone with your friends.


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  1. Craig C

    Hey guys,

    The first episode was killer sweet rigs a cool trail, and a great profile on the people behind the wheel. That being said this one seems too have gotten away from the point “Rock Crawling TV” It was cool too see Ricki’s jeep but I personally would have been happier seeing a few well thrashed jeeps on an obstacle as opposed to a jeep doing a photo shoot. The tech part was not very strong either there could have atleast been some dialogue while he was plugging his tire not everyone has plugged a tire or has any idea how. Best of luck on the next episode as I will still be watching.

    • KZAdmin

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Our goal is to cover the sweet trails, rides and people that make up the rock crawling culture. Though most of our episodes will cover the content you are so passionate about we do find there are times for episodes like this. Stick with us. What we’ve filmed already for the next couple of shows will be right up your alley!

      Thanks again for you input and your support. Knowing what you guys want definitely helps us create a better show.

      Here is to some great times ahead!

  2. KZAdmin

    This episode is actually an important episode for! In addition to seeing the guys at Poison Spyder put together a sweet ride for Rikki Rockett, we were able to make some great connections and expand our viewership potential which are both necessary for us to grow as a program and a company. It is also important to highlight individuals who have the potential expand the spotlight on the off road community and the issues we believe in.

  3. TruckCentral

    Loved this episode. I think it is kewl to profile a company that can and do provide parts for the aftermarket of krawlers everwhere. You guys are off to a great start. Exposure to some big name companies and some high profile peeps will most definitly help KrawlZone’s following.

  4. Jeff Walters

    I understand the need for this episode and you guys did a great job putting it together………but I feel like I just watched an infomercial on Poison Spider. I love them and my YJ is fully wrap with their corners, fenders and sliders. If you guys just threw in some more action or out takes. The tech was cool but boring. I’m not a “Hard Core” wheeler either.

  5. KZAdmin

    Thanks for everyones input. We are definitely interested in making this a show that you all want to watch. We are taking your feedback, and I think this next episode will not disappoint.


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