We had the mustang out in location and though she ran well enough for the days shoot, I realized quickly, that there was still a lot of work the old 66 Mustang still needed. 

Everywhere we parked a pool of transmission fluid would appear. It looked like the old car had a hemorrhage and was bleeding. 

Also as the day went on I realized the breaks were getting soft. The break cylinder in the passenger front was leaking and it looked like a dog was pissing in the inside of the tire. Must have been a tiny dog. 

Since the shoot I’ve found the main culprit for the tranny leak and patched up a leak in the line where it attaches to the transmission radiator.  There may still be another small leak under the car, or it could be fluid that’s traveled down the line from the original leak. I’ll find out soon once I finish the breaks and take her out for a spin. 

I’ve finished the passenger side brake cylinder replacement but figure it’s a good idea to get the driver side done too while I’m at it. So with only a few hours of work left to do on it, I’m looking forward to another test run. 

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