Adventures of Rock Star Volume 3, San Bernardino Mountains

_DSC0439TThis adventure takes us up into the San Bernardino Mountains.  Just south of Silverwood Lake is where we start our trek on Pilot Rock Road.  Airing down under the shade of the trees is a bonus.  This trail is open to all different vehicles and has some side tracks for those that need more adrenalin in their life.  But for those who are interested in a nice trail with great scenery you can stay on the main trail.

Going up there is some off camber areas as it twists and turns up the mountain side.  With the rain washing out ruts in the road some of the areas give you a little more off camber than you would expect.

Once at the top there are some different trail selections depending on what you are up for.  The mountains reach about 4600’ so the trails are pretty much accessible all year long.  Aside from the occasional gusts of winds that swirled up the dust and sand, it was a great day for wheeling.

As you start the downward decent on the other side of the mountain, there are beautiful scenic views of Silverwood Lake.  With all of the recent rains there were also some great desert blooms.  Heading down the tree lined road we twisted and turned our way north until we ended the trail at the dam.

Then of course we helped air up those that needed it.  Where will the trail lead us next?  Look for the next Adventure.

Written by: Becki Ortiz

About the Author:



Becki Ortiz is a Las Vegas native and in 2014 was the president of the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers. Becki cofounded the RJeeps Jeep group along with her husband in 2011 and has since created a ladies only branch of RJeeps called “Angels”. Becki, along with her Jeep Rock Star, has found a love for the wheeling world and enjoy seeing the country in a way so few actually get to see.     




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