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Adventures of Rock Star Volume 4, Warner Valley

_DSC0456It was just the ladies on this one as we headed north into beautiful Southern Utah and the Arizona Strip.  After gassing up, and gathering last minute supplies, we started our trek southeast out of St George Utah into Warner Valley.  The beauty of this area always catches my attention.  The red, orange, purple and browns of the mountains, the green of vegetation and the bright blue skies are an amazing painting of nature’s beauty.

Our first stop was Fort Pearce.  Perched on the top of a hill, Fort Pearce was a guard post built in 1866 to help protect travelers in the wash from attack.   There is a walking trail down the hill side that took us down to the wash and water which could have been life saving when the travel west.  There are petroglyphs that still remain in the area and some rock shelters that would have been welcomed protection from the elements for natives and travelers.

Our next stop was another rock shelter that also contained rock art.  It’s unfortunate that even in protected areas there are people that will leave trash and vandalize historic items.  Burning of pallets may be an easy source of wood, but the aftermath of nails left laying around is a hazard to all visitors whether on 2 feet, 4 feet or on wheels.

Back on the trail we enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the warmth of the spring sunshine and a nice breeze which kept things from getting too hot.  Then we headed to our final destination of the day, our camp site which is just inside of the Arizona state line.

_DSC0450Reaching our campsite early enough in the day to get everything set up, we took the opportunity to take advantage of a nearby wash.  With a mixture of off-road driving experience with the ladies in the group from little to some, we took time to go over what is underneath the Jeep that you would want to avoid hitting on the rocks and obstacles.  Then we took some time with a couple of brave volunteers to try their skills on some of the rocks in the wash.  With some time, spotting and a great cheering section the exercise was a success, with the drivers gaining some practice and onlookers getting an idea of what a spotter is looking out for.  Then it was back to camp for a campfire, dinner and some refreshing drinks.

Sunday morning we awoke with the gentle light of a beautiful sunrise and the accidental car alarm going off, which_DSC0510 brought some groggy morning campers and some laughter to the morning campfire and breakfast.

With breakfast finished, camp packed, the area cleaned and the fire out, we started back out on the trail.  Heading north back into Utah we passed an unfortunate creature that met its demise and a vulture displaying on the hill above it.

Our final scenic stop of the trip was Dinosaur Tracks.  Dinosaur tracks were formed when the area was filled with water and mud. It was a little bit of a walk down to the tracks and there was an informational kiosk to help us find the tracks and that talked about the dinosaurs that made them and those that found them.

Back on the trail we headed towards pavement; stopping to air up (hands free with my 2wayair) we even had one of the locals interested in joining the group on the next ladies run.  Then we headed into to town for a pit stop of running water and cold drinks before the highway trip home.  We had a great trip in a great area with a great group of ladies.


Written by: Becki Ortiz

About the Author:


Becki Ortiz is a Las Vegas native and in 2014 was the president of the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers. Becki cofounded the RJeeps Jeep group along with her husband in 2011 and has since created a ladies only branch of RJeeps called “Angels”. Becki, along with her Jeep Rock Star, has found a love for the wheeling world and enjoy seeing the country in a way so few actually get to see.     



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