Becki Ortiz and the Adventures of Rock Star, this time on the Beer Run!

Becki 2way airOur next adventure takes us to a trail locally called the Beer Run which incorporates a couple of trails named after beer and put together to make a day run.  I would assume it gets its name due to the warm spring temperatures in the 80s mixed with the dust on the trail makes the thought of a nice cold one at the end of the trail sound pretty good.

The first part of the trail is a nice, dusty, partially graded, road through the mining areas of the Eldorado Mountain Range.
Then an off shoot takes you up and down some nice tall hills, narrow trails between two rock outcroppings, Yuccas and thorny desert plants and past mines.  The desert plants definitely have their own mechanisms of self defense, I got a little too close to one and was grabbed by the thorny branches and had to be rescued to avoid clothing damage.

The first stop, just up from an abandoned mine, is atop a mountain overlook with views of several mountain ranges.  You can also see Boulder City, the solar fields on the playa and Lake Mojave in the distance reflecting the sunlight.

Eventually we come to our first optional obstacle, a small v-notch.  Slowly taking turns and inching our way over thebr18
jagged surface, at one point, some Jeeps were holding on by the sidewall of the tires.  With some great flexing a little groaning and some good spotting, everyone made it through.  Of course there’s always a pause to take some good pictures, because if there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen, right?

Onward through more trail, spiny yucca and thorny bushes, a couple of quick moving jack rabbits, to the next obstacle, a slot in a rock outcropping.  With some detailed spotting, removal or folding in of mirrors and a nice smooth throttle, everyone made it through easily.

There was a point where the trail was narrow, off-camber and on a ledge as it circled around a large hill.  There are no pictures of that, because I was too focused on the narrow-off camber-ledgedness of the road.

br15The final obstacle was a rock out cropping with a v-notch.  Again, with some good spotting and delicate maneuvering everyone made it through easily with some great photo opportunities.

The last part of the trail was the same type of wash/narrow trail that we started on with close yuccas, bushes and the thorny branches and another jack rabbit that was in a big hurry.  Ending in temperatures in the mid 80’s it reminds us of how lucky we are to be able to spend such a beautiful spring day in the beauty of nature.  It was even commented on the trail that it was very relaxing, like group therapy.

So, make sure you get your therapy on a regular basis.



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