KZTacoma Phase 1 Complete

KZ Tacoma Before with logos2016 is already proving to be a great year! With season sponsor commitments and 2 new builds. Yes, thats right, KrawlZone is building two rigs this year. One of which is already underway. Our 2005 Tacoma has already seen phase 1 of it’s build. Enormous thank you to ARB 4×4 Accessories and Nitro Gear & Axle. Nitro Gear has been a long time supporter of KrawlZone, filling the presenting sponsor spot of many of our recent episodes, and has now committed to 2016 as a season sponsor at our Rubicon level. We have created a strong relationship with Nitro owner/founder Jeremy Ayers and have been in discussion about the Tacoma for quite some time.

Recently, when I decided to relocate my family back to Southern Utah10269172_1031896100166405_6757916027138582002_o from Portland, it became clear that what I had been discussing with Jeremy had to happen before the move, and the move was two weeks away!  As I discussed the re-gearing with Jeremy it became apparent that it was also the best time to add lockers. And this is where it gets amazing! I decided to call Matt Glass at ARB to see if there was any interest in sponsoring air lockers for the build. Keep in mind we have two weeks before I head back to Utah. I knew this was a reach for the stars, but I go on the mentality that “you never know unless you try”.  So, I called Matt and we talked for a bit and surprisingly, my proposal really caught his attention and I was able to get the ARB’s sponsored for the rig. Incredible to say the least. So here is what I had to do to pull this all off before the move back to Utah. Because I had the “truck”, I was responsible for hauling our stuff and my wife Shannon would drive the car. So the night before our move home, I rented a uhaul trailer, loaded it up and hooked it up to the Tacoma. The next morning my wife Shannon headed to Utah in the Honda, while I jumped in the Tacoma with the uhaul trailer and headed to Seattle WA!! Yep, opposite directions, but I had a mission! I was on my way to meet Matt at ARB.

That afternoon, after arriving at ARB, Matt showed me around their facility, I got some great footage of him and the products they were sponsoring for the Tacoma.  Seeing one of the ARB warehouses was a great experience. Thousands of lockers lined the shelves. It was a sight.  That night I stayed at some family’s house, then, at 3am the next morning, I was on my way to Cashmere, WA to the Nitro Gear & Axle headquarters.

12366188_1032855760070439_1262299714703181084_oIt was still early when I arrived at Nitro, but soon after they had my Tacoma in the shop and on the hoist. Filming the Nitro Gear and ARB install, I was able to learn firsthand what it takes to do this type of install. Jared Cisco, the gear wizard, explained all the steps and answered all the  questions I had. The install consisted of new 4:56 gears, replacing the factory 3:73’s, and the ARB air lockers. Once the install was complete, it was time to go for a test drive. I could tell an immediate difference. Most notable was the clutch response, and shifting, this truck being a 6 speed manual, it was much smoother.

After breaking in the new gears properly, that evening I started my long trek to Southern Utah. About 22 hrs later, due to the uhaul trailer and weather, I made it home one day before Christmas.

I am super grateful to Nitro Gear and ARB for their support of this build. The ARB air lockers are the best in on demand lockers and will give me the upgraded traction I will need to hit the trails. The Nitro 4:56 gears are the best on the market and will take the strain off the drivetrain, especially when my 35” BFG’s are installed!! But that is another article. Stay tuned for phase 2 of the KZTacoma build.

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