Tacoma sponsors logoPhase 2 of the KZTacoma was a big one. And you can see it! 6″ BDS lift with Fox coil-overs and 35″ BFGoodrich KM2’s on Fuel wheels.

Fat Bobs logoI was excited when I was able to strike a deal with our good friends at Fat Bob’s Garage in Layton Utah for the second phase of the KZTacoma! Because these guys design, manufacture and install suspension systems on a daily basis, I knew my Tacoma was in good hands. To make things easy, I simply had the BDS 6″ lift kit with Fox coilovers, 35″ BFGoodrich KM2 tires and Fuel wheels delivered right to their shop.File Jan 28, 3 41 56 PM

I arrived early and again came prepared to film the entire install. When I saw all the BDS and Fox  boxes and the 5 new BFGoodrich KM2 tires and Fuel wheels all stacked up on pallets, I was like a little boy on Christmas morning. We pulled the truck in and got it on the hoist. The technician on this install was a guy by the name of Josh Christensen, I nicknamed him the Wizard. This guy was incredible! He knew exactly what he was doing and answered all my questions along the way. He was a little camera shy at first but warmed up to the big eye quickly.

After removing the wheels Josh began checking out the front end and immediately found a few issues. He kindly pointed out bad lower ball joints, bad CV axles and worn out break pads and rotors.  Honestly, I was not really surprised. I figured we might as well get it all done in one shot. So they ordered the parts and had them there an hour or so later.

Ok, time to get to work! Disassembly began on the front ifs. For the second time the whole differential Fox big coiloverwas completely removed from the truck. (Deja Vu? Nope, we just had Nitro 4:56 gears and ARB Airlockers installed in a recent phase.)  This had to be done in order to make the necessary cuts in the crossmember and to install the new one piece front and rear BDS crossmembers. These crossmembers are built from ¼” steel plate and have integrated mounts that locate the new differential mounts to properly drop and re-position the front differential for optimal CV and front driveshaft angles. Everything fit perfectly! The differential was reinstalled and with the front end re-assembled with the new parts, it was time for the Fox 2.5″ coil-over remote reservoir shocks.  This is a major upgrade from the stock coil-overs. Fox’s bolt-on Factory Series Coil-over IFP shocks provide improved damping in any terrain. The integrated coil spring can be adjusted for pre-load and ride height and come pre-set to level the vehicle right out of the box. And they look bad ass too! Next, to keep the 35’s from rubbing, Josh did some fabwork on the body mounts. Cutting them back about an inch and a half and replating with a piece he cut out of sheet metal. After welding and grinding the piece down smooth, he even painted it all up with black paint so it looked really clean and nice.

BKR_7401_01.MP4.00_49_50_12.Still002 BKR_7410_01.MP4.00_52_50_01.Still001

Once the front end was all done we moved to the rear of the truck to install the 4″ blocks, new u-bolts and brake line relocation brackets.  I had Josh remove the old torn rubber air bags, they did me no good!

BFG FUELWith the new BDS Suspension and Fox shocks all installed, it was time to mount the new 35″ BFGoodrich KM2’s to the new Fuel Boost wheels. We tested one with the white wall out and decided that was not the look we wanted. But because BFGoodrich kindly sent us 5 tires, we didn’t have to break it back down. Instead we left the shiny white wall out and now that tire is the spare standing up in the back of the truck. The remaining 4 BFG’s were mounted black wall out and installed on the truck.  Wow, what a stance my Tacoma now had compared to before.

Phase 2 of the KZTacoma was a much more visible phase than phase 1, but not any more important. Phase 1 was the Nitro 4:56 gears and ARB Airlocker’s. This initial phase is what’s going to make phase 2 work so well! Trying to run this truck on 35’s with the stock gearing would put to much strain on the drive train. So, thanks to Nitro, the new 4:56 gears will ease the load. And the ARB Airlockers will give us that on demand locked diff traction that we will need when filming out on the trail.

Tacom on rockWe had the opportunity to test out the KZTacoma this last weekend at the Winter 4×4 Jamboree in Southern Utah. The truck went anywhere I wanted it to go. The ride was incredible compared to before. The BDS Suspension gave me the clearance I needed. The 35″ BFGoodrich KM2’s gripped the rock and pulled me up and over, even when I was trying to spin the tires. The Nitro gears gave me the extra bottom end I needed to pull the 35’s through the sand dunes and over the rocks. And the ARB Airlockers worked on demand every time I called on them, giving me the extra traction when needed. By the end of the last day, I had nearly destroyed my stock bumpers playing on the rocks!  Next time I go out I will be prepared.  Especially when the new All Pro Bumpers, sliders and ComeUp winch are installed. But that is another article. Stay tuned for phase 3 of the KZTacoma. And if your in the area, be sure to stop by and say hi to the awesome folks at Fat Bob’s Garage. Get to know the guys, take a tour of their huge facility, their showroom will knock your socks off!! Or simply visit their website and facebook page to see what they are up to.

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