Article by Audrey Byrd
RIMG4115The Impact of One Jeep and One Woman – 2015

While building your rig, did you ever wonder the impact it would have with other people? I was surprisingly shocked at the experience I had in Moab at the 2015 Easter Jeep Safari.

While sitting at a sidewalk restaurant after my 1st full day in Moab, with my newly rebuilt jeep: Black-N-Blue Sexetoy JK, with my own inspired wrap of a female skull pointing a gun on the door surrounded by my sponsored logos was a real hit with people. My friend and I laughed and joked about getting a GoPro and videoing the action my jeep was getting. I was in awe and shock at how many people walked around it, took pictures with it and RIMG3798inspected every inch of it. All week I kept saying that my jeep is its own celebrity with a paparazzi type of following. From the time I left my home in Las Vegas, Nevada to the time I returned back home, cars that were passing me on the highway slowed down to take pictures. To being on all the trails and having people coming to ask me questions regarding the build. To my facebook postings with photo’s and the awesome comments made. To all the wonderful jeepers at the whole event, they all seemed to know me by my jeep.

Speaking of people that have recognizable jeeps, I ran into Del Albright at the Moab Diner where I purchased my annual t-shirt where the proceeds go to the Blue Ribbon Coalition which supports Land Use. We spoke about the city council meeting that was going to happen that evening and the impact of the possible closure of several off-road trails that we off roaders are trying to prevent. As a whole, everyone needs to keep up to date on the information about what is happening to the land in your area and to be active in supporting the BRC and all the other organizations that support open land use for all of us.

I am actually relatively new to Jeeping, starting in January 2011. This was my 3rd trip to the Annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. On my 1st and 2nd trips, I took fairly easy and scenic trails to be able to see the area and enjoy the spectacular views. This year, it was much different because with the help of many, I was able to do a full build of my JK including: Teraflex Suspension’s 6”elite LCG longflex arm kit w/speed bumpstops, Tera 44 front axle w/3 ½” wall Monster Brakes & Fox 2.0 shocks. Maxxis Tire’s Trepador hard compound 37” tires. Garvin Wilderness Industries rock rails & portable step. And Adams Dirveshaft & Offroad’s heavy duty 1350’s driveshafts plus the complete install of above & labor. I also accessorized the Jeep with the important Viair Corp.’s 2on2 air compressor system. Horn Blasters set of train horns. Rocksmasher Engineering’s 2-Way to air system to air up & down all 4 tires at once. And Underground Diesel Performance for the above accessories install & labor.

With my new to me, fully capable rig, I pushed myself to do much harder trails and obstacles. I felt very proud to also be included on the trails with several of my partners and many companies in the offroad industry. I learned a great deal listening to the stories about Moab’s past and how trails, arches and historic sites got their names. As told to us on the trail by Dan Mick who does tours in the area. I got to learn how to maneuver my jeep on the correct lines to get over or down hard obstacles without hurting myself or my jeep, by David Adams who is an important member of the Red Rock 4 Wheelers Club and the Easter Jeep Safari, and who also has a very active voice for all of us and works closely with Del Albright of the Blue Ribbon Coalition. I got to meet so many new people from all over the USA, Canada and far away countries. They varied in ages from their early 20’s to late 80’s. I listened to how and why they love their jeeps, how many they have owned thru the years, what customizations they have done to them, what it was like in days past on the trails, and what brought them to Moab and how Moab has become to most of them an annual event. My Jeep was the center of how that all happened.

Blue Ribbon lLogo

When building your Jeep with your dedication to Land-Use or cause, have you considered the impact that you have with new off road enthusiast or with others thinking about starting to rebuild their own vehicle, in which products to purchase? Impacts as in, even so small as answering a simple question, or having someone watch your vehicles performance on the trail and complimenting you at the end of the day. How you show by example in using the land, staying on the trails and even picking up trash found along the trail. The friends and experiences that my Jeep has brought to my door/window has been amazing.

RIMG3970This year’s event will forever be in my memory and my heart as it was fun, exciting, exhilarating and also on a side note, marred by the death a friend and fellow jeeper. He was one of my vast FaceBook Friends that I got to finally meet in person just that week. We both drove our own jeeps on the 1st Saturdays trail Hells Revenge, he was my passenger and photographer on Mondays trail Steel Bender and he drove his jeep on the Veterans invite only trail on Wednesday, to name a few. His de
ath was a tragic accident, but it showed me how totally awesome the off road community really is. The outpouring of financial and emotional support to this man’s family that was unknown to them was both inspiring and unbelievable. He was a jeeper and that meant he was family and that they wouldn’t be going thru this alone. The family is still in disbelief as to the outpouring of kindness, support in every sense of the word, grateful and thankful to all. If we as a “family” can support one man’s family in their time of need, then we should be able to support Land Use on a daily time of need.

During my full 9 days of trails, to having coffee as we lined up each morning waiting to hit the trail, the many dinners with new and old friends, sitting by the campfires laughing about each day on the trail, spending a full day on Friday wondering around and speaking to so many vendors, learning about the latest and greatest products in the industry, sitting with so many others watching and hoping for a prize or two in the over $250k worth of prizes donated by the dozens upon dozens of vendors from across the country.

No, I didn’t win any prizes, but won something much better, memories to last a lifetime. I have learned just how much one jeep and one woman can impact others. But most of all, I have learned and benefited SO much more by how it has and is, impacting my own life.

Written by: Audrey Byrd

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Audrey Byrd is an adventurous Jeeper, who is a huge animal lover and grew up owning, riding, training, showing and boarding horses. She also rode everything from mopeds, mini bikes, dirt bikes, ATC’s (3 wheelers), ATV’s, sand rails, Myers Manx dune buggy, Honda Oddacy’s to still owning a CanAm 800 4×4 ATV. She can be seen in your Black-N-Blue Sexetoy at off-road events across the country. She currently has 4 dogs. Two Female Boxers, a 15 yr old male Miniature Pincher and tiny female Chihuahua.


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