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In the is episode of KrawlZone the team takes to the road for Rocktoberfest, sponsored by T&T Customs. Deep in the black hills of South Dakota the weather caught most of the team off guard. Having just left the sunny and warm of St. George where we picked up the KrawlZone Jeep and it’s driver Victor we headed north and by mid Wyoming we started to notice flurries. SNOW?  Yup, Snow! Luckily we all happened to have warm cloths.

Day one gave us a pleasant surprise as we discovered that T&T had a little reveal for Father Peter. A young man of the cloth who loves Jeeping. The T&T crew took his jeep and gave it the works. Not only making it look awesome, but developed a new series of body armor for the project. After months of anticipation the moment arrived and Father Peter was overwhelmed at the result. And of course the KrawlZone team was there and bring it to you in this episode.

After the reveal of Father Peters rig, we followed some of the big rigs on a trail called Fruity Pebbles. The trail led to a mountain side of broken rocks. We could see why they called it fruity pebbles. It looks just like when my children spill a box of cereal. Rocks everywhere. There is no trail here. Just pick a line and go. And to add to the treacherous adventure, a skiff of snow made everything slick. Only the more adventurous with serious rigs attempted this trail long obstacle.

rocktober_Day two brought us a little warmer weather, melted snow and took us to the Hal Johns trail. Basically, a dried river bed strewn with large boulders. Rock crawling from beginning to end this trail was was a challenge for the non-buggies, but a competent driver with a well built rig could tackle this trail without much hassle. It was especially great to see Father Peter putting his new rig through the paces. In the episode you’ll see how versatile the rig really is.

To wrap up the trail we caught the moment, we here at KrawlZone always look for. The EPIQ moment. The big roll. This one came as we only had a couple minutes of tape left on the camera. A near roll that took a 2 door nearly to it’s back. But weather it be luck or divine providence it pivoted about, nearly missing Father Peter, and then back on all fours. What a great ride.

Our time at Rocktoberfest was adventurous and exciting, even if it was a bit cold at the start. We made some great new friends and now another great new episode of KrawlZone!

One of the things that gave the KrawlZone team such interest in this event from the start was the fact that T&T was going to donate the proceeds of the event to Blue Ribbon Coalition. As you know KrawlZone is a big fan of  Blue Ribbon and we like to support the folks that support them. As a result T&T collected $2000 that they will be giving to the Blue Ribbon team. That’s work that matters. So our hats off to T&T and all the participants who helped make that happen.

rocktober_c rocktober_b rocktober_a rocktober_

Special thanks to our Title sponsor T&T Customs who made our trip possible

Also thanks to all our other sponsors.

Lighting for the interviews was made possible by Rigid Industries and their Dually’s.

Transportation to the event was provided by KrawlTek Racing


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