The Salt Lake Off-Road Expo is a successful first year event.


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Mr KrawlZone and Spawn head down to Salt Lake City, Utah to participate in the first ever Salt Lake OffRoad Expo at the South Towne Expo Center. Being a local event, I felt it was important to support Phil, the Big Sarge and the event’s team. Utah is one of the great off-road destinations and an event like this is definitely an important component of Utah’s off-road culture. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot early on, but for a first year production it was bigger and cooler than I’d expected with over 50 vendors from Utah and around the country, showing up to participate.

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In this episode I’m bringing you interviews and product highlights. Plus we cap it off with Off-Roading Pet Peeves. The Salt Lake OffRoad Expo episode may lack the outdoor action of many KrawlZone episodes, but does rather provide insight and information in an entertaining way.

We hope you enjoy the whimsy of this episode as well as the informative content. Interviews include, Artec Industries, Moab Off-Road, Novak Conversions, Rockslide Engineering and more. So hold on to your muffler bearings, because KrawlZone Is ON!

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