2Way Air, never kneel to a tire again!

Wild Boar Off Road 2Way Air System When you find a product that changes the paradigm, it’s cool to be connected to it in some way. We had a chance to produce a video that showcases the 2Way Air System, how it’s used and how it will change the way you think about airing up and down on the trail.

We’ve known Pat Hickman, the designer of the 2Way Air system, for a couple of years. While his tactics of getting our attention on the day we met, caused us to ruin a shot while filming an interview, we’re glad he annoyed us into learning about his product. One that had just won an award at SEMA just days before. After learning about the 2Way Air System, we became raving fans. We’ve seen the product first hand on the trail and it’s usage can be seen in several of our episodes featuring Del Albright and Bob Levenhagen. And when we started working on our own builds, we had to have the 2Way Air system installed and during the KZTacoma build, phase 3 we finally got one put on. Now we are looking forward to adding it to Project DarkFall when the time comes as well.

The 2Way Air System is available from Wild Boar Off-Road and will change the way you air up and down. The paradigm has changed. Never kneel to a tire again.


Posted by 2WayAir on Monday, January 11, 2016

Episodes that highlight the 2 way air system include the 2015 Patriot Crawl Pt 4 at minute 2:00

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