Virtue Flats Trail Report by Lolli Bunce and her Jeep “Got Sand”

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IMG_8292Trip started off in Weston for me and Colorado for Brian Oconnors (great friend) … He delivered my new LJ to me and I loaded my orange TJ (got sand?) on trailer and we jumped into chevy truck and headed to baker city Oregon. Traveled 421 miles through Boise to Baker City Oregon, with stopping for food and gas on the way. Upon arrival we quickly departed Baker to the rolling high desert hills where Virtue Flats OHV park awaited our arrival. We quickly came upon gate 7 to ohv park to find our friends from neo 4 wheelers (north eastern Oregon 4wheelers) club waiting with camp spots already planned out. Dry camping on high desert is amazing from immediate weather changing to coyotes howling in back ground from all direction while we sat around the glowing camp fire. The next day we woke to wind still blowing with a chill in air but that didn’t stop us from doing what we love to do together as a group. We wheeled all day with a break for lunch…  We wheeled dry run off ruts to dry creek beds to rock canyons and dirt and sage brush  flats… Explored the entire virtue flats ohv of 3500 acres / about 60 sq miles from easy access trails to difficult trails.. A couple friends came from bend Oregon (my home town) was there, Randy and Mona Drake. Randy started IMG_8426Deschutes County 4 wheelers in 1976 which was the club I was part of when I lived in Oregon for many years and taught me so much about jeeping.  So after a full day of wheelin we sat around campfire and talked about the past.. And future…. Sunday morning sun rose as quickly as we did and loaded up camp and jeep back on trailer and headed the long track back to Weston Idaho. The only thing I would do different?? Stay longer and do more trails.. It was a great adventure and looking forward to doing it again with such great people. A few that are on my fb is Colton and Jaime wiseman, Randall and Mona drake, buddie crist, Ralph black and Abel Mendez to name the ones I know now on my fb.


Written By Lolli Bunce

About the Author

Lolli Bunce lives in Weston Idaho and is the founder and president of Rocky Mountain Rebels 4×4 club in northern Utah and southern Idaho. She is also the region 8 director of the PNW (Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Assoc) and member of U4WD. Lolli owns a 2005 TJ with lots of mods (got sand?) and a new owner of also a 2006 LJ (Silver Bullet) with some great mods as well. Both very capable rigs!  

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