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2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Interior Reviewed

Get the “Inside” scoop on the new Jeep JL

With the new JL release, we’re all excited to see what it’s all about. Ryan from Extreme Terrain has done a great job reviewing the new Jeep and in this video he gives you all the pros and cons of the Jeep JL interior. To read his in-depth review, click here, or just enjoy the video. Either way, you’ll be more informed about the particulars of the new JL on the inside.

I’m Ryan from and in this video, we’re gonna talk all about the brand new interior in the brand new 2018 Jeep JL. Jeep made a lot of changes from the 2017 and even 2018 JK’s to this brand new and redesigned 2018 JL. And one of the biggest changes is the interior. The interior’s also one of these things that is a little bit of a love it or hate it game. Some people really like the additional creature comforts and the more car-like feel of the interior of the JL, while others prefer the more rough and tumble interior of the past, something specifically like that new Nav screen people either love it or they hate it.

But we are gonna go through everything both the good and the bad. Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, that way you can check out some of the other review videos that we’ve done on the JL as well as all of the builds and the other cool stuff that we’re gonna do with this brand new jeep down the line. But for now, let’s get into some of those interior changes. Of course, some of the biggest changes that were made in the jeep are going to be the dash and everything you can get to from the driver seat. And I wanna get into that. We’re also gonna go out on the road to show you some of those features, but before we jump in there I wanna show you some of the other stuff that Jeep did because they really left nothing untouched… (Continue Reading on Extreme Terrain)



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