KrawlZone Episodes KrawlZone Jeep Carange At WERock

KrawlZone Jeep Carange At WERock

While we are currently in edit to get some new content put together, were also providing better access to some of our old content that many of you may not have seen or been able to share with your friends. (Which we encourage you to do by the way, which in turn helps us provide you with new off road content.)

Today were bringing you some fun competition wheeling from W.E.Rock where we met up with Tech Tim, Big Sarge, and Big Rich who put on the event.

As many competitions are, this one was full of mayhem. We interviewed Jake Mecham of J.A.M Off-road Racing about his smokescreen technique and caught up with Shannon Campbell to chat about his son Waylon, who is stepping into his fathers shoes and competed in this event.

The KrawlZone Jeep gets some screen time with Vic and John of Krawl Tek Racing, putting the hammer down. John, also KrawlZone’s producer, chats with Nathan about their run, mishaps and dedication fight on amid a list of obstacles that didn’t include the course. And you wont want to miss watching the KrawlZone Jeep take a spill.

It’s all here in this episode of KrawlZone!


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