The Maiden Voyage || KZ2020 Premiere Episode

The first episode of the KrawlZone 2020 Season dropped Thursday, March 26th 2020 at 7pm and marks the First full episode for KrawlZone in over a year and is the beginning of what is intended to be a full season for KrawlZone.

The KrawlZone team has been on haiatus for the past couple years, making token appearances at the top events, but not focusing on their flagship show.

So what does this mean for KrawlZone. We’ll give you a little hint. The next hand full of episodes are going to be experiments in a new format. Taking things that have worked in the past and trying some new format options as the show transitions from a newsmagazine style format of the past, to an adventure based show that follows the KrawlZone team as they participate on the adventures they cover, rather than just reporting on events.

This first episode follows Mister KrawlZone and son Spawn, our co-founder “Nobody” and long time friend Tim Ryan (aka the Rockstar) as they decend on the 2020 Winter 4×4 Jamboree. Mister KrawlZone takes his YJ build out on the trail with minimum testing. Day one ends short with a minor mishap, that is rectified with the help of Tim and our friend James Adams of Adams Driveshaft.

The next day is more promising as the team heads out to a rated 7 trail, Double Sammy, with Justin from JKS Mfg, BDS and Zone Offroad. The BDS Liberty build bearly breaks a sweat while rock crawling on this sand strewn trail, but the KZYJ does suprisingly well for it’s Maiden Voyage.

Nobody and Tim then take us on a journey back in time to reveiw a 1948 Jeepster. This classic machine is a time capsul on wheels and is in surprisingly great shape for being a survivor car. What are your favorite parts of this classic? Tune in and find out what Nobody thinks are his favorite parts.

We wrap up the episode with a little play time at Steve Maxfields expense. As he unloads his eclectic collection we hopped in for a little joy ridding.

All this and all the off-road action you’ve come to enjoy are all part of this exciting premiere episode of KrawlZone!

Thanks for joining us for the first episode of KrawlZone for the 2020 season.

In this edition Mr KrawlZone takes his YJ build out on a 7 Rated Trail at the Sand Mountain OHV area with no prior testing. What could go wrong. Plus you get the walk around of “Nobody’s” Classic Jeepseter. We are bringing you the action of the trail in KrawlZone style from the 2020 Winter 4×4 Jamboree.

In this episode we are Joined by our good friend Tim Ryan who became our de facto mechanic, and keeps or offroad machines running and allows us to stay out on the trails.

After a small hiccup James Adams of Adams Driveshaft, proves he’s always prepared and has the parts we need on hand to recover from a small mishap on day one.

“Nobody” brings his Classic Jeepster but it doesn’t hit the trails. We had it in our booth at the event and for it’s age it’s in great condition as a survivor car. Nobody and Tim give us closeup look at this piece of rolling history.

On day two we hit the trail with our friends from BDS Suspension and tackle Double Sammy, a rated 7 trail. How many miles had Mr KrawlZone put on the YJ before tackling this trail? Not enough. How does the ol Jeep do?

Plus we found a great product at the vendor show. A portable welder that is perfect for an offroad adventure, from our new friends at Karnage Welder. We have the interview and highlights in this episode.

And of course we wrap things up with some fun playing on Steve Maxfield’s eclectic collection of unique, one of a kind vehicles.

We had a great time at the 2020 Winter 4×4 Jamboree and are looking forward to more great adventures later this year. So hold on and stay tuned, because KrawlZone is ON!


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