Mr KrawlZone Blog KZYJ // Teardown for The V8 swap

KZYJ // Teardown for The V8 swap

The time has finally come. I’m starting the motor swap. It’s something I’ve been puting off because of time, but I can’t wait any more.

I’ve gotten the easy part out of the way. The tear down. I’ve pulled the grill and fenders, which is really easy on these early Jeeps.

I removed the four bolts on each side that hold the fenders to the tub and one bolt, bottom center of the grill. The  most time consuming part was pulling the wiring out of the grill. I also had quite a few wires and doodads attached to the firewall that needed to be removed. After that, the front clip came right off.

I then hooked a hoist to the motor and started removing the mounts and after a few hours of tinkering the old motor was out and heading to a new home.

Now the Jeep sits waiting for a new V8 drive train. There is a lot to get going to finish it up. Stay tuned here to follow along with the swap.


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