Mr KrawlZone Blog KZYJ V8 swap //Novak Kit

KZYJ V8 swap //Novak Kit

Mr KrawlZone and new parts from Novak!Yesterday I came home with a Christmas load of Jeep parts from my good friends at Novak Conversions.

I was out all day today, working on the Jeep, getting the transmission ready to change out the rear output shaft. I was going to use the 205 transfer case that was on the engine when I got it, but that would have required doing an axle swap right now because the drive shaft comes from the opposite side. So decided to go with the Novak Kit to adapt to the original Jeep Transfer Case. That should get me back in the trail a little sooner. (I hope)

But the transmission work is a little scary so I stopped in to visit the guys down at Fat Bobs Garage. I talked to them about helping me not ruin the transmission while replacing the rear output shaft. I’ll have more on that after Monday.

But I’m not to worried about the rest of the swap. It should be something this old guy can handle. And if I can do it, you can do it.

Stay tuned and we will see what happens together.

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