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New Bull Bar Video for F-150 Bumper Styles & Uses Guide| AT

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The F-150 was designed to be a truck that is just as rugged and capable as it looks, with purpose and functionality dictating design. Nowhere is the function driven design more apparent than the bumper, an attribute that has carried over into the aftermarket with all of the different bumper options. This guide will go over the various F-150 bumper styles/designs, as well as what they are best used for.

F-150 Bull Bars Explained

One of the most iconic and recognizable bumper designs is the infamous bull bar. Designed to withstand major front end impacts and abuse, bull bars are a thick oval shaped bar that protect your front-end (similar in design to a stinger bumper). 

Bull bars are a very common bumper style in the F-150 community, and for good reason. Their robust design makes them an ideal choice for off-roaders and even trucks that spend a majority of their time on job sites and in the field. Bull bars can with stand getting banged up, keeping your grille and front-end free of damage. 

PAOLI, Pa. (July 29, 2020)AmericanTrucks(AT) adds a new how-to video to their bumper styles tech guide helping F150 owners select the bestF-150 bull barfor their rig. Used along with their detailed product pages, this new videoboosts buyer confidence with professional advice that is easy to follow.Hosted by AT’s Josh Dugan, the video explains that a bull bar helps to add a little more front-end protection along withthe option of additional lighting. AT’s detailed product pages breakdown all the options available. This includes productfeatures and reviews, along with in-depth installation videos. F-150 owners can browse the growing selection of bullbars on the site, or head straight to AT’s top three picks for any given generation. Style, finish, and ease of installationare key considerations when shopping for the ideal bull bar. Justin concludes his“brief bull bar breakdown” by directingcustomers to AT’s comprehensive product pages or to customer service for personalized help at any time.The new video takesAT’s F-150 bumper styles tech guideto the next level. With new and exciting styles being addeddaily,AT’s bull bar product pagesare a go-to resource for F-150 owners looking to upgrade their rig with extra front-endprotection, additional lighting, and a customized look.

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