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The Right Way To Drive Your Jeep In The Sand

Ryan Huck Takes the Deegan 38 Jeep to Sand Hollow | Throttle Out

PAOLI, Pa. (Jan 8th, 2019) – In ExtremeTerrain’s (XT) latest Throttle Out episode, Ryan Huck visits Sand Mountain OHV Area, just outside of Fallon, Nevada to learn how to drive on sand and dunes the right way. Guided by Jeff Bieber from the Desert Roads and Trails Society, Ryan discusses and demonstrates some of the techniques and strategies behind wheeling in the sand.

“Driving on the dunes was like nothing I’ve ever done before, and I had an absolute blast!  There was a bit of a learning curve but after figuring it out I didn’t want to leave the dunes.” –Ryan Huck

Using the Deegan 38 2-door JK Wrangler, built by XT for Brian Deegan, Jeff and Ryan explain how a vehicle should be setup to handle the sand as well as some of the “dos and don’ts” to be aware of while out on the dunes.

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